5 bonus benefits of making your own cheese

Whether you’re thinking of trying your hand at cheesemaking or already a convert, there are more bonuses to learning this skill than the obvious one of ending up with your own delicious cheese. Check out these five extra benefits which you may not have thought about…


  1. You get to control exactly what goes in

Supermarket and store-bought cheeses can certainly be delicious and convenient – but they do come with baggage. The extra ingredients in them such as the added sugar, excess refined salt, preservatives plus a few other nasties, is entirely out of your control. When you make your own cheese, you are free to choose the quality and freshness of your milk, the amount of salt that goes in, plus any other delicious flavours you want to add – such as the Boursin-style cream cheese we make in our Soft Cheesemaking Workshop which you can flavour with your own herbs, dried fruit and nuts – literally whatever takes your fancy.


  1. It’s extremely cost-effective

Without a doubt, this is probably the biggest drawcard for family kitchens. If you buy cheese and yoghurt as staples each week – and find that you skip the more luxury cheeses such as haloumi, fetta, mascarpone, crème fraiche or brie when you’re on a budget – you can literally save yourself hundreds of dollars a year by making your own. On average, the cost of making cheese at home is about a quarter that of buying it in a supermarket. Remember, when you make your own you only pay for the ingredients; when you buy it in a packet you’re also paying for packaging, store mark-up, freight and marketing. P.S. You can learn all those cheeses we just mentioned in our entry-level Soft Cheesemaking Workshop !


  1. You get the bragging rights

Imagine turning up to a party with a platter of cheeses you made yourself; or serving friends around the table with a beautiful spinach and ricotta cannelloni or truffle brie . Making your own cheese is a fulfilling skill that adds an extra dimension to your home cooking repertoire. Once you know the basics of process and have the basic kit and cultures at home, the possibilities are literally endless. Most people who come to our workshops are stunned to find out how easy and quick it is to make their own haloumi for example – it takes just a few hours, most of it resting time, and is easier than baking a cake. Picture how satisfying it would be to serve that up for your mates in a salad!


  1. You get to keep the amazing whey

Here at the Cheesemaking Workshop, we can’t sing enough praises to whey – a by-product that is otherwise thrown away in the commercial cheesemaking process, yet offers you and your family a wealth of goodness. The whey is a low-fat, almost all-protein, probiotic-packed liquid that can replace milk in your smoothies. It keeps you fuller longer plus, unlike many other high-protein foods, is packed with the live cultures from your cheesemaking that are great for your gut health.


  1. It’s terrific for the environment

By opting to make your own cheese, you’re taking leaps and bounds in reducing your and your family’s eco-footprint. You save on masses of packaging, which in supermarkets is more often than not biodegradable plastic, as well as countless food miles ­– consider the pollution involved in freighting your yearly supply of supermarket cheeses to the shelf. The equipment you need at home to make cheese is as simple as the process itself, and is very green too because you’re simply washing and reusing it. Just some of the reasons why making your own cheese is a significant step forward in taking responsibility for your food’s impact on the environment. You can read more on how our workshops are dedicated to this cause here 


Here’s one more bit of good news: you can start reaping these and many more benefits right now! Check out our latest timetable of workshops here