• What an absolutely awesome day. I had a fantastic time. Who would have thought that making cheese was so simple. Lunch was amazing as was the company. Well done Lyndall and Margie


Thank you so much Lyndall & Margie for a totally cheesy & enjoyable day.. Who would have thought making cheese was that easy.. Your instructions were clear, fun & easy to follow, the food was divine & so was the setting & the company.. Thank you once again.. I can’t wait I to start making CHEESE!!!


Had wonderful day with really lovely people, throw in great lunch and a fabulous location, wonderful, to all those thinking about doing this course don’t think any longer just do it, no regrets.


Thanks so much Lyndall for another lovely day – it was wonderful to share it with Elizabeth – we both really enjoyed the day. Your teaching is terrific. One of Elizabeth’s comments was that it was so good because everything turned out so well – a sign of good teaching.


Hi Lyndall and Margie thanks for a splended day today, we came away very inspired and keen to give it a go! As I type, Lauren is underway with her yogurt, and has made the brine for the camembert for tomorrow and we have filled our family in, on the day of great fun.

We were extremely impressed with the curry, it’s pannier cheese and such an indulgent array of cheeses. Thank you for making everything so clear and easy to understand and a brilliant set of notes to follow.


Hi Lyndall,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop on Wed and to thank you for having the extra course. I have been reading through your book and I will be ordering some supplies in a week or two to coincide with my next trip home from work. I can’t wait to get into it!

Thanks again !!



Hi Lyndall & Margie
Just wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful day cheese making in Tenterfield,
we will meet again in the future at one of your bread making classes.
Thanks again
Kind regards


A big shout out to the lovely Lyndall….was having a cheesemaking issue this weekend and she not only answered my email, but rang me to explain in further detail. BTW Lyndall, I think your suggested solution has worked!!


Thank you to David and Maddie for demystifying the cheese making process and ensuring we all went home well fed and well educated with feta, Camembert, quark and mascarpone!!!


Wow ! What a great day we had making cheese ! Lyndall has certainly de-mystified cheese making for us . An amazing lunch, beautiful setting and great company. A thoroughly enjoyable day . We now have the knowledge to make fetta ,ricotta, Camembert,quark, mascarpone and Greek yogurt ! Anybody thinking about doing the course …..Just do it ! You will love it !


Hi Lyndall,

You may recall I emailed you a couple of times and you kindly called me back to discuss reasons for my failed camembert and fetta.

Well I bought an electric yoghurt maker and they are now perfect. You were correct in that the Easiyo was killing the starter culture.

So thanks again. I’m a happy camper now.



P.S. I love your newsletters.


Thanks Lyndall for a great day yesterday. I really had a wonderful time and learned things along the way. I love your enthusiasm and passion for what you do. You are so kind and generous in your manner and a pleasure to be around. Many thanks to Margie as well. She is an amazing asset. till next time, Lyn


Who would have thought cheesemaking would be so easy, and great fun, thanks guys for a fun day.


Attended the Soft Cheese Course today.
Great lesson plan. Great instruction. Great day all round.
Finished at 4. Had Ricotta ready to go by 6 and the starter gearing up for tomorrow.
Had high expectations and all were surpassed.


At last…. After 4 years of promising to treat myself and do a Cheesemaking Workshop I finally made it today!! What a fantastic experience. Now fired with enthusiasm and cant wait to try it at home.. Thanks to Barbara and Lyndall for a wonderful day!!
PS. Lyndall’s book is now on my birthday wish list.


Relaxed atmosphere, knowledgeable tutors, excellent size of class & delicious food!


Hi Lyndall
Thanks so much to you and Barbara for a fantastic day on Wednesday, Mary-Jane and I enjoyed it so much – very good for the stressed soul. I’m planning to make yoghurt this weekend, and show my teenagers the alchemy of ricotta! If that doesn’t impress them nothing will…

Also thought you might like to know that Ann at the Sapphire Store stocks Norco Gold top – says she sells more of it than the blue top!

Thanks again, hope to see you again soon…

Cheers (or should that be “Cheese”)

Thanks for a great workshop.

Just a note of thanks for a great workshop that Ross and I attended on 24th April. I have been busy making cheese since then and have had great results so far. Your recipe book is fantastic as well, easy to follow and and everything tastes wonderful.


Hi Kellee and Lyndall I was so glad I bought your book this morning. I’ve picked up a few cheese books in the time I’ve been making cheese and it’s the best of all of them. The step by step recipes are fantastic to give me confidence to revisit some of those cheeses we did in the workshop which I haven’t got round to making since then and the other recipes are all very inspiring. The design is beautiful and I love that it opens flat with a spiral binding so it doesn’t close up on the bench.

Well done and thanks. Lesley


Hi Lyndall, Hope you had a relaxing christmas and new year.

I am writting to tell you of my success stories. I made halloumi yesterday and it was great. The feta, I have added lime vest and peppercorns to the oil (this is my favourite), have also tried greek oregarno (from my brother in law imported from greece) and garlic (fresh from a local gardener in town). I have made a baked omelette with fresh eggs from our chooks, fresh spinach from the garden and fresh ricotta from our own cows milk. Very excited about being as self sufficient as possible!

On a post (gourmet getaways) the lady had been to one of your courses and made a rum and raisin roll, I was wondering if I could please have the amounts to use, as it sounds and looked amazing.

Thank you and all the best for 2013! Danielle