Beemster XO

Rich flavours of butterscotch, deep caramel notes, whiskey and pecan are what you can expect from this aged gouda. Beemster XO is matured for more than two years, this cheese retains a creamy mouth feel yet has a firm and crumbly texture. Being an extra aged cheese, you’ll find lots of those delicious crunchy bits in the cheese itself.

Crafted from the region of Beemster in The Netherlands, Beemster XO® is aged for 26 months as per traditional ripening  techniques. Matured in historic warehouses, on wooden boards and under natural conditions. This allows the cheese to grow in texture and taste in perfect conditions.

Beemster XO pairs well with roasted macadamia and cashew nuts, green olives, white grapes and glace figs. If wanting to enjoy with a glass of something, try a full-bodied and dry wine, vintage port, dark beer or whiskey.

This cheese is naturally lactose-free.

Milk: Pasteurised cow

Rennet: Animal