Lets get cultured

Greek Yoghurt, Labne, Quark and Mascarpone cheese making kit

Creamy goodness that not only tastes sensational, it will make you feeling great. We all know the importance of knowing exactly what goes into the food we consume, but that doesn’t mean it needs to break the bank, home cheesemaking is cost effective as well rewarding!

This is a great kit for those wanting to start on some easy cultured cheeses, with these recipes you are sure to gain confidence and gain enjoyment in making your own fresh yoghurt and soft cheese. Perfect for the first time cheesemaker, those on a budget or have a busy life style, this kit ticks all the boxes of the modern lifestyle. Low maintenance cheeses, budget friendly and delicious, whats not to love?!

This kit provides you with enough cultures to make approximately:

  • 80 x 500g Mascarpone
  • 80 x 250g Quark
  • 40 x 1kg yoghurt
  • 40 x 500g Labne


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