Support Your Local Farmer

farmerFor those who have been paying attention to the current situation with our dairy famrers here in Australia, we would like to share our point of you as this is something for us that hits close to home. Cheesemaking is our passion, and without good quality milk, you can’t have good quality cheese. Happy farmers means happy cows, which in turns means healthier and happy consumers.

Having listened to what has been going on, we are furious with our Dairy farmers crisis over the past few weeks and are astounded it has been aloud to happen. What are we doing to our farmers? It is snipits like this from the Australian 27/5/16 that really bring it home.

“Four weeks ago, Australia’s biggest milk processor, Murray Goulburn, slashed its farm gate milk price from $5.60 a kilogram of milk solids (about 42 cents a litre of milk) to between $4.75 to $5.00 a kilo for the entire 2015-16 financial year, backdated to last July.

A week later, main rival Fonterra followed suit, dropping prices to $1.91 a kilo (14 cents a litre) for the next two months, far below the cost of production, and landing its 1100 milk farmers with “clawback” debts, averaging $128,000 each.

With warning of even lower milk prices next year, it was immediately predicted one-fifth of the nation’s 6000 dairy farmers — especially the youngest and brightest — would go broke.

Such fears are already coming true. Abattoirs in Victoria and Tasmania have a four to six week queue of cows awaiting slaughter, dispatched by farmers either quitting in despair or so desperate for cash they are sacrificing their precious milking cows for mincemeat”

Please let’s join forces, the consumer has the power to turn this around, DON’T BY CHEEP MILK, in the long run it will be the consumer that suffers. We need to look after our farmers whether they are dairy, orange or banana farmers, remember you as a consumer has the power to stop purchasing anything that is no going to benefit our farmers.

We have always supported local dairy farmers. In Coffs Harbour we have Norco and Big River Dairies. Whenever we run our workshops away, we always find a local dairy to use their milk. Tamworth has Peel Valley Milk, in QLD we use Malany and Cooloola milk, on the south coast Tilba milk and in Dubbo, Little Big Dairy co. While this is not a comprehensive list of dairy farmers, it is not hard to find independent dairy, just get on your computer and google your local area, you might even see them at the local farmers market! For those in Coffs you can always stop by our shop in the Big Banana complex and pick up some beautiful Norco Jersey or unhomogenised milk.