Lyndall Dykes releases 3rd edition of Cheesemaking book internationally

Award-winning local businesswoman and educator Lyndall Dykes has released the third edition of her comprehensive step-by-step guide to making cheese at home.

The book, The Cheesemaking Workshop, is being released internationally for the first time by New Holland – reflecting the appetite for Lyndall’s hands-on teachings around the world, which attract food enthusiasts, home cooks and professional chefs alike to her Coffs business headquarters, also named The Cheesemaking Workshop.

The book was first published in 2012 with the first copies selling out within months, and a second edition in 2014. The latest edition features updated photography, fresh styling and a cloth-bound cover, designed to make it an enduring and timeless addition to home kitchens.

Via hands-on techniques, guided step-by-step photographs, advice and tips, The Cheesemaking Workshop demystifies an ages-old process into a fun, accessible and economical new skill for home cooks of all levels.

It teaches the start-to-finish method for more than 20 cheese types, including: blue vein, bocconcini, camembert, cheddar, mascarpone, halloumi, fetta, quark, ricotta, edam, double brie and paneer, as well as butter and Greek yoghurt. The methods are complemented by vibrant recipes educating home chefs on the many uses of the cheese type.

Lyndall says: “The book takes the mystery out of making cheese. Cheese is the oldest form of processed food – it pre-dates breadmaking and is not as difficult as bread. It’s easier than baking a cake. If you can boil a jug, you can make cheese.”

Lyndall, an Emerald Beach local who is known as ‘the cheese lady’ is a passionate advocate of not only wholesome, and delicious home-made food, but for sustainability and low-waste, simple living.

She points out that making staples at home such as cheese, is not only dramatically cost-effective for families but is an eco-friendly option, saving food miles and plastic packaging. And it’s fun, she adds.

“It’s a lovely and cost-effective process, making your own cheese,” she adds. “It’s really fulfilling and quite empowering to take milk in the morning and by the time you get to that afternoon or that evening you’ve got some haloumi to feed the family.”

The latest edition of the book is available in stores now and online here.

About Lyndall Dykes

Lyndall Dykes

Lyndall has been sharing her knowledge of cooking from scratch for more than three decades. She and her workshops have been profiled on ABC Rural, ABC Coffs Coast and in Qantas magazine and have featured extensively in regional and national news press including The Daily Telegraph and The Queensland Times.

Lyndall has regularly taken her workshops on the road to assist those living in remote rural locations, as well as featuring at major food events including Brisbane Food & Wine Expo, Tastings on the Hastings, Taste Tamworth, Coffs Harbour Agricultural Show and Toast Urunga.

A prominent voice among Coffs Coast events and tourism industry bodies, she established the original Coffs Coast Food & Wine Festival in the mid-Nineties and sits on local government committees devoted to boosting food tourism for local farmers, growers and restaurateurs.

She created The Cheesemaking Workshop & Deli shopfront in the original plantation homestead at the NSW landmark Big Banana in 2016. The only outlet of its kind in Australia, the business is a one-stop haven for cheese devotees, and includes a deli – run by Lyndall’s daughter Melanie Browne – as well as teaching kitchens, dining room & equipment shop. In 2017 it won three Sunny’s Business Awards and in 2018 was a national finalist in the Small Business Champion Awards.

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