Advanced Cheesemaking Workshop

Addicted to home cheese making?

Take your love of home cheese making one step further, with our Advanced Cheesemaking Workshop!

This six-hour, fully hands-on workshop is designed for those who have completed our Soft Cheesemaking Workshop and are hungry for more…

Get set to add new textures and styles to your repertoire as you make your own cheese at home. Using all the same equipment and similar skills that you acquired to make soft cheeses,

In this home cheese making course you will learn to make:

  • Farm house cheddar
  • A creamy blue vein
  • A Stilton style blue vein
  • Havarti
  • Haloumi
  • Mozzarella

The farm house cheddar we teach is a beautiful, rich cheddar that can be enjoyed by the younger and more mature palette. It melts well and is delicious served with a cold beer or glass of red.

We cover two blues. The first is our Bucca Blue – a creamy lush blue with an earthy flavour. The second blue vein we make on the day is our Solitary Island Blue, this is a stilton style cheese that has just the right amount of salt and bite. You can find out more about blue cheese and how it gets its flavour here.

Havarti hails Denmark and is famous for its deliciously mild, subtle flavour and buttery aroma. This is a great table cheese that you will quite often see infused with different flavours. We often make it in little rounds and wax them in red wax.

You won’t believe how simple and liberating it is to make your own haloumi. Originally from Cyprus, haloumi is the perfect cheese for the BBQ and throwing on to a salad, or you can try dusting it in corn flour and pan frying for a crisp texture.

Mozzarella is the cheese that always ends up being the most fun in our workshops – stretching the curd is like adult play dough. You will love the flavour and sumptuousness of your own fresh homemade version.

The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. It includes plenty of cheese tastings, morning tea and a delicious cheese-inspired lunch.

Continue your home cheese making journey with our next Advanced Cheesemaking Workshop is coming up on 10 June – and they are popular, so reserve your spot now!