Autumn Dessert Cheese Platter

Autumn Dessert Cheese Platter

A dessert cheese plate is the perfect spread to serve after any meal. Its array of mouth-watering cheese combined with ginger, dark chocolate and nuts that truly makes for the perfect ending to any meal.


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  • Homemade Camembert, Blue Vein and Cheddar (or you can use store bought if thats what you prefer)
  • Homemade biscotti
  • Homemade panforte
  • Homemade ginger snaps
  • Homemade glace figs
  • Dark chocolate covered glaze ginger
  • Glace clementines
  • Nuts, we’ve used macadamia’s and  walnuts
  • Grapes or other seasonal fruit


Place all of your ingredients on to your cheese board, use ramekins etc for serving to give your platter some height if you’d like.

Make sure you choose flavours that compliment each other. As a rule a dessert cheese platter should only have 3 cheeses, all of which should be on the creamy side. We’ve chosen a homemade Camembert, a creamy style Blue Vein and a homemade Cheddar. But you could use store bought and go for an aged Gouda instead of Cheddar if you prefer.

Remember to always serve at room temperature, so bring your cheeses out of the fridge about an hour before serving.

When choosing your condiments, we like to work with the seasons and have chosen ginger for its warmth as the weather is starting to cool down. Nuts, dried and glaze fruits also go well, along with fresh fruits (we’ve used fresh seasonal grapes and pomegranate) and dark chocolate.

We’ve included the recipes for homemade panforte, biscotti and ginger snap cookies for you to experiment with making your own.


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