If you’re a cheese lover yourself, you are likely to have heard about Berry’s Creek Cheese. Berry’s Creek cheesemakers are especially well known for their award-winning blues. And if this is the first time you’re hearing about them, fear not – you’re in luck. We welcome you to discover one of the most exquisite Australian cheeses we know.

Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese

Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese is based in Fish Creek, a small township in Victoria. These Artisan cheesemakers passionately produce a range of multi-award-winning blue cheeses. They are highly prized in both the national and international arenas.

The owner and master cheese-maker is Barry Charlton. Barry has 44 years of experience and a unique brand of creativity. Barry and his partner Cheryl shape their vision as an artisan cheese company. It is enhanced by their proud family heritage in local South Gippsland area. 

One of the core values of Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese is to maintain artisan standards. This means an uncompromising standard of excellence paired with the drive to experiment. The result is new and innovative varieties of cheese with Berry’s Creek philosophy stamped upon them.

Berry’s Creek Awards

Berry’s Creek Cheeses are highly awarded both within Australia and Internationally. This includes 2019 and 2020 Grand Dairy Awards, World Cheese Awards Nantwich 2019, World Cheese Awards Bergen Norway Nov 2019 with awards going back all the way to 2015. Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue won the World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin USA 2018.

Berry’s Creek Blues

Oak Blue

Oak Blue has a real presence like the majestic oak trees of Mossvale Park. With a recipe after a gorgonzola style, this cheese has a lingering, full mouth assault on the senses. Heavily veined and aged for 3 months.

Berrys Creek Oak Blue Cheese

Riverine Blue

Named in honor of the buffalo breed grazing near Woodside in Gippsland. This cheese is Berry’s Creek signature variety. It has a soft and creamy texture with a light green, blue veining throughout. A sweet delicacy and subtle perfume upon warming to room temperature compliments the purity of this outstanding milk.

Berrys Creek Riverine Blue

Tarwin Blue

Like the Tarwin River, this highly awarded flagship cheese reflects earthy qualities, especially on maturity. It has a lasting intensity and a texture full of soft, smooth appeal.

Berrys Creek Tarwin Blue

Mossvale Blue

Inspired by the renowned Mossvale Park. Mossvale Blue has a creamy texture with a sweet aftertaste.

Berrys Creek Mossvale Blue

Bellingham Blue

Bellingham is a cherished family name. This is the mildest blue of Berry’s Creek range. It has a silky, soft texture that rolls across the tongue. An ideal introduction to the palate for those tasting blue cheese for the first time.

Berrys Creek Bellingham Blue

Try Berry’s Creek award-winning blues in our Deli. We’re proud supporters of these Artisan Cheesemakers and we think their blues are a must-try for every cheese lover.