Brie Á La Truffe with Fresh Pasta

3o minutes. Easy

Everyday at the Cheesemaking Workshop and Deli we have the most amazing cheeses come through, often one of our team will say this would be great with that or imagine this paired with that. When we opened the Brie Á la Truffe ( A Brie De Nangis that has been cut in half and has a mixture of mascarpone and Maison de la Truffe truffles lavishly smeared through the centre), Cheryl said this with fresh pasta would be heaven.

30 minutes later we where all sitting down to a truly delicious and simple pasta for lunch. It is a tough job, but as they say someone has to do it!



300 grams fresh pasta

75g butter

100g Brie Á La Truffe

Salt and pepper to taste


Cook fresh pasta in boiling water until al dente. (Want to know how to make your own? Book for a Pasta and Gnocchi workshop HERE)

Using a large mixing bowl, toss through butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Place Brie Á La Truffe on top and allow to melt. Toss the cheese through the pasta serve immediately.





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