Butter Cultured

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  • 1 tsp freeze dried probiotic yoghurt culture
  • 500ml cream
  • Non iodised salt


I use a probiotic yoghurt culture to culture my butter, to add some more probiotic into my diet, I also like the flavour the yoghurt culture gives the butter. Before making the butter the cream needs to be cultured, to do this I add a drop ( 1/16 or a teaspoon ) of freeze dried ABT probiotic yoghurt culture into 500 mils of cream give it a stir and leave it for 4 hour.

1. SETTING UP Pour cream into a mix master bowl. Add salt if desired, remember that you will get approx 250 butter 250 mil butter milk so don’t add to much salt as the majority will remain in the butter. A little salt goes a long way, always use a non iodised salt.

2. WHISKING THE CREAM Using the whisk attachment, whip the cream on medium. It will thicken and become stiff then start to break down.

3.  SEPARATING THE FAT After 7 – 15 minutes, it will separate into a milky liquid and globules of fat which will collect on the whisk, this is the butter.

4. STRAINING THE BUTTERMILK Strain the liquid from the bowl through a sieve lined with cheese cloth. Don’t throw it away as this is true buttermilk.

5. RINSE YOUR BUTTER Rinse the piece of butter under cold running water until water runs clear and squeeze the excess water out. Make sure you remove all the butter milk.

6. READY TO USE. Keep refrigerated in an air tight container and use within 14 days or freeze for up to a month.


Cultured butter is full of good, friendly bacteria. While there’s quite a few artisan cultured butter producers in Australia that are making some incredible butter, it’s also easy to make your own.


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