Camel Milk Cheese

Camel milk cheeseCamel milk has been in the news recently for its health benefits. But what about camel milk cheese? Recently Lyndall spent the day with Michelle from Muswellbrook Camel Milk experimenting. Catch the Prime7 News story to see some of our ups and downs with camel milk cheeses.

Curious to the health benefits of camel milk? Here’s what Michelle has to say;

“Camel milk, used medicinally for centuries by nomadic people, is the closest to human mother’s milk, containing 10 times more iron and three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. Camels milk possess unique and powerful immune-system components that may potentially benefit disorders including diabetes and autism.

Low-fat camel milk not only contains healthy vitamins and minerals, but also is a rich source of insulin. This milk reportedly has about a quart of insulin in each litre making it a potential treatment option for diabetics. The immune-system components in camel milk might help fight disease such as Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis.”

And what about the taste? The milk is so similar to cows milk you wouldn’t notice the difference if you we’re handed a glass without being told. It’s milky, light and creamy.

As for us, we’re back to the drawing board to figure out the perfect camel milk cheese to share with you.