Just in time for Mother’s Day, our popular Camembert and Brie Cheesemaking Kits is back in stock and available online and in store.

We all love a wedge of something soft and creamy on our cheese platters. Have ever wondered how do you make either a Camembert or Brie cheese? You will be amazed how simple the process is! We’ve broken it down into something simple. It’s as easy as baking a cake and can be done in your home kitchen. The process only takes one day, the cheese will then need to mature for approximately one month before eating.

This easy to follow cheesemaking kit contains cultures and cheese making equipment to make sumptuous indulgent brie and camembert in your own home. All you need to add is some extra kitchen equipment (most of which you are lily to already own – but don’t worry, the recipe book has a list of all the equipment) and your locally sourced milk (we love Norco in our region)!

Order online HERE for Mother’s Day!

Camembert and Brie Kit
Soft Cheese making workshop