Have you tried our cheese & wine flights? It’s an exquisite experience of flavour that we serve as a dine in option in our Deli. Cheese & wine flights are a must try for any foodie as it’s all about the flavour and pairings.

About cheese and wine flights

A cheese and wine flight is a pairing board of cheeses, wines and condiments. The purpose of these pairings is ultimately to enhance the flavours and create un ultimate foodie experience.

The result can be pleasantly unexpected as cheeses can change the flavour when paired with wines. For example, if you don’t enjoy blue cheese in general, we encourage you to try it in a pairing with wine. Cheese paired with wine can completely change its flavour and surprise you.

What it includes

We serve Cheese flights in our deli as a dine in option. We pre select our favourite pairings for you. For just AUD 27 you’ll receive a tasting board of four delicious cheeses paired with four fantastic wines and condiments.

There is a red wine and white wine pairing options for you to choose from. The total volume of wine is one glass, which makes it a perfectly balanced treat.

For Coffs Coast foodies

Cheese and wine flight is a must try for any Coffs Coast foodie. Join us on our veranda with a lush green views and get ready for an explosion of flavours.

We change our cheese and wine flight pairings regularly to keep things fresh and exciting for you. There’s no better way to try new cheeses before you commit to taking them home.

Explore flavours with us and see you in our deli.