Have you heard about our Cheese Club? It the place to be if you’re a Coffs Coast local and you love cheese. We’ve been gathering fellow cheese lovers once a month for the delicious cheese tasting for as long as we can remember. It’s truly an experience not to be missed. You get your monthly cheese selection, learn more about cheeses and meet new people (and recently even the cheesemakers themselves).

Last month we’ve had the pleasure of beautiful Nicole from Granvewe Cheeses and Bruny Island cheesemakers joining us. It was an incredibly insightful and eye-opening experience. We’ve listened to the cheesemakers sharing their knowledge while enjoying their truly special cheeses.

What is a cheese club

Cheese club is a monthly meet up where you eat cheese, drink wine (or any other beverage you prefer), and learn more about cheese. Firstly, you get a cheese bundle to take home and enjoy. Secondly, you get an info booklet about the cheeses inside and the flavours to look out for. Finally, you meet fellow cheese lovers to chat about your newly acquired knowledge of cheese connoisseur. 

Zoom club

As the world is changing to a new normal, we’ve taken our cheese club online. We gotta admit it has been a roaring success. Taking the cheese club online allowed us to invite cheesemakers themselves- a truly unique experience. Plus, we deliver the cheese bundle to your door prior so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home. All in all, this makes it a cozy night-in experience all around.

We’ve got exciting things planned for our August cheese club (shhh… cat tell just yet). Don’t miss out- sign up on our website or click here. Easy cheesy!

Zoom cheese club