June Cheese Club

Now don’t be confused, we’re not ducking out of the country for a sneaky cheese inspired holiday (although – don’t tempt us!). Each month in our Cheese Club we explore 4 different cheeses from all over the world and this month it’s Switzerland. So of course, we’re making fondue!

This month in the cheese pack we have; 

  • Gruyere
  • Cave Aged Emmentaler
  • Tete de Moine
  • First Konig

Our Cheese Club runs a little differently than most. It’s all about being social and connecting with other cheese lovers in the community. On the first Tuesday of every month (minus January) we meet in store from 5:30pm-6:3pm, exploring the cheeses of the month with a glass on wine in hand. It’s fun, relaxed and most importantly – involves cheese!

Want to know more? Stop by the deli or find the details HERE. 

Cheese club

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