Cheese health benefits are many. We want to focus on the positives as the world is going through these uncertain times. Such as health effects eating cheese can have on your body.

Interestingly, cheese is not only utterly delicious but also good for your health. So let’s take a deeper look at why cheese is good for your health as we’re all urged into self-care and healthy living.

Cheese benefits immune system

Our immune systems are vital for our health. Good immune system fight off harmful bacteria and boosts your body response to any diseases. Cheese (and especially home-made cheese) can be rich in healthy probiotics. This can improve your immune system and your gut health.

Cheese benefits your bones

Did you know that our bodies cannot create new Calcium? Interestingly, we also lose Calcium every day. We lose it through skin cells, nails, hair, etc.

Cheese is a rich source of Calcium and Vitamin B. This makes it an excellent food for bone health. Also, vitamin B absorbs and distributes the calcium in the body. With its rich Calcium content, cheese is perfect for everyone including kids, pregnant women and older people.

Cheese benefits your health

There’s so many more health benefits of eating cheese:

  • Cheese is good for building muscle as it’s packed with protein.
  • Boosts metabolism with thanks to a substance called butyrate, found in many cheeses.
  • Vitamin B found in cheese can benefit in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Can reduce PMS in women.
  • Makes our skin glow as an excellent source of Vitamin B.
  • Can reduce migraines due to its Calcium content.
  • Can help you to have a better sleep thanks to Tryptophan, an amino acid which lowers stress.

Cheese is the best comfort food

We all need comfort food every now and then. Out of all comfort foods, cheese has a significantly higher nutrition benefits than candy or chips. Plus when we eating our favourite cheeses, it can trigger the release of dopamine along with endorphins.

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