Parmigiano Reggiano is known as the king of Italian cheeses, a title that is also given to the Cravero family. Since 1855, five generations have been selecting and maturing the very best Parmigiano Reggiano.

The Cravero family hand select each wheel from a small farm in the Appennini hills of Modena. The raw milk comes from a small herd of less than 100 cows the San Pietro dairy (producer number 2659). The dairy will make around 6 cheeses per day.

Each wheel is graded and chosen at approximately 6 months. The chosen wheels are moved from the farm, then to Bra for further maturation by the Cravero family. 90% of the time the affineur can tell if a cheese is good or not just by simply smelling it.

The flavour is savoury and sharp with a nice amount of creaminess. The pate is the colour of pale straw with a small amount of grain texture.

You’ll find this incredible Parmigiano Reggiano available in our deli. 


Whats in a name?

Both the words Parmesan (French) and Parmigiano (Italian) mean “of” or “from” Parma. Producers closer to Reggio Emilia might refer to their cheese as Reggiano.

The first offical designation of origin was a deed dated 7 August 1612. In 1954 the Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano was formed. This acknowledged the historic role played by the regions of Parma and Reggio in defining the cheese.

In 2008, European courts decreed that Parmigiano Reggiano is the only hard cheese that can legally be called Parmesan.

So in Australia, any cheese called Parmesan SHOULD be Parmigiano Reggiano. However, this is not the case, ensure you’re checking labels if you’re after the real deal.