Cheese Spotlight Series

Do you know that our Deli is the largest on the Coffs Coast? We offer more than 100 cheeses from around Australia and the world on a seasonal rotation. In other words, we always have something new and exciting to delight your taste buds.

With such a wide range it’s easy to get lost. Our Cheese Spotlight series will guide you on your cheese journey. It’s a treasure map to the cheese world. We start by introducing our April Cheese Spotlight, L’Original Brie.

L’Original Brie by Paysan Breton

Paysan Breton

La Original Brie comes to us all the way from France. Paysan Breton are producers who create this wonderfully traditional Brie. In addition, Payson Bretona is a dairy cooperative that is 100% owned by its milk producers.

Despite being a larger Brie producer in France, it remains true to its roots. Firstly, Paysan Breton works hard to support the dairy farmers who own the brand. Secondly, they manufacture their products using top-quality milk in the Brittany and Loire-Atlantique regions of western France.

Cheese Spotlight: L’Original Brie

La Original Brie by Paysan Breton has a full and robust flavor with a distinctive melt-in-the-mouth texture. It has a mushroomy and earthy flavor profile that resembles its raw milk counterparts. It is made with cow’s milk and traditional rennet.

This Brie is an absolute must-have on your cheese platter. Pair it with a fig paste and a bubbly white wine and you’re in for a treat!

‘Lactic Brie’

L’Original Brie is a “Lactic Brie” that uses less rennet. This also means that it takes a longer time to mature. L’Original Brie ripens beautifully with a silky, creamy yet supple, and a full, mushroomy flavor. Available now and ready to eat from our Deli.


Cheese Spotlight L'Original Brie