Cheese to highlight this March is Le Gruyere 1655. Many of you know and love it already. However for those who don’t, here it is- in the spotlight amongst an extensive variety of other cheeses.

This remarkable Gruyere will quickly make it to the top of your cheese list and it will be a king of any cheese platter. Visit us at our Deli to get yours.

About Le Gruyere 1655

Le Gruyere 1655 is made by master cheesemaker, Alain Cardinaux at the Aeschlenberg dairy at an altitude of 750m in the town of Fribourg, Switzerland. It’s created with the most exceptional cow milk, and its process is continually refined.

Le Gruyere 1655 is our cheese to highlight because first of all, it’s utterly delicious. This exceptional cheese is known for the fresh cream blast, a bright and fruity flavour with deep, structured nuttiness. It’s light mocha in colour and its texture can be recognised by the pinpoint crystals.

It’s aged for 14 months before making it’s way to the cheese lovers of the world. The size of each wheel is a whooping 35kgs (75-pounds).

Le Gruyere 1655 Cheesemaker

Cheesemaker Alain Cardinaux at the Aeschlenberg dairy is responsible for creating Le Gruyere 1655.

Gruyère’s local riches are it in its lush green pastures. The hills are a green oasis of amazing beauty and abundant resources. These lush pastures are the one of the reasons we call the Gruyère 1655, the best.

Fromage Gruyère SA says that they make it with milk from cattle who graze solely on natural pastures and fodder. They don’t add or use any preservatives.

Then there is the generational secret of know-how. And finally the addition of very rare mountain salt. This salt has been produced in the Bex salt mines for more than 500 years. It’s extracted using pure water from the glacier of Les Diablerets. 

Le Gruyere 1655 Pairings

Le Gruyere 1655 is exquisitely versatile cheese. In other words, pair it as you like to.

If you prefer a little more guidance, it goes especially well with dry or semi-sweet whites, a late-harvest sweet wines, sparkling wines or fruity reds with smooth tannin. Visit us in our Deli to taste this exceptional cheese.