Australia has a vibrant and innovative cheesemaking industry. However, the industry grew from humble beginnings. For instance, the dairy industry in Australia is less than 300 years old. People around the world know and love Australian cheeses.

Cheesemaking History

The process of cheesemaking dates back more than 7000 years. For instance, it even predates all recorded history. With this in mind, it’s not entirely conclusive who made cheese first. Above all, you can find cheese on almost any dining table around the world. 

Therefore, let’s have a peek into our own backyard to learn a little more about our local Australian cheesemaking.

Cheesemaking in Australia

Cheesemaking in Australia is a thriving industry. Firstly, high-quality Australian milk creates an ideal platform for high-quality cheeses. Secondly, the cheesemaking process itself has been refined and perfected to achieve outstanding results.

Cheesemaking History in Australia

The dairy industry in Australia is fairly young. For instance, dairy cows first arrived in Australia in 1788 (two bulls and seven cows from England). However, they escaped into the nearby bushland not long after arrival! Most importantly, the nine animals survived and in six years they became a herd of 61, according to Dairy Australia.

2020 Australia Cheesemaking Champions

The Australian cheese industry grows each year. Here are the Australian Grand Dairy Awards champions that were announced on February 6th this year.

Victoria cheesemaking

  • Oak Blue by Berry’s Creek Gourmet Cheese in Blue Cheese Category.
  • Ricotta by Floridia Cheese in Fresh Unpasteurised Category.
  • Diavoletti by That’s Amore Cheese in Flavoured Cheese Category.
  • Venus Blue by Prom Country Cheese in Goat’s/Sheep/Buffalo Milk Cheese Category.

Tasmania cheesemaking

  • Stormy by King Island Dairy in Washed/Mixed Rind Cheeses category.

Queensland cheesemaking

  • Ash Brie by Woombye Cheese Company in White Mould Cheese Category.

South Australia Cheesemaking

  • Edward’s Crossing Parmesan by Beston Pure Foods in Hard Cheese Category.
  • Section28 Fontina by Section28 Artisan Cheese in Semi-Hard/ Eye Cheese Category.

New South Wales Cheesemaking

  • Heritage Reserve Vintage by Bega Cheese in Cheddar Cheese Category.

People’s Choice Champion

Edward’s Crossing Vintage Cheddar Black Wax by Beston Pure Foods.

In conclusion, there are a lot of Australian cheeses to explore and try. Visit us at our Deli to get some of our delicious Australian cheeses and all your cheeseboard essentials.

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