We are always looking for a way to share our passion for cheese. Join us at our cheesemaking workshops, cheese club or visit our deli. Cheese, people and having fun is what we’re all about.

We like to say that we simply take the mystery out of making cheese. We do this because we want every cheese lover to learn how to make delicious cheeses at home. Furthermore, we make sure we use simple and fresh ingredients and familiar appliances.

As easy as one, two three.

We make it as easy as one, two, three. We take you through all the steps and make it really fun. Home cheese making is actually a very simple process. FurIn fact, cheese is one of the oldest form of processed food. Chesemaking even proceeds bread making!

Our workshops space is also more than an educational facility. It’s a one stop for cheese making supplies. You can purchase everything you need straight after the workshop and start making cheese at home just like a pro.

What workshops to choose

We offer a variety of workshops. You can choose to learn cheesemaking, yogurt making or pasta making skills with us. There are various cheeses workshops too. We cover it all- from ricotta to mascarpone and more.

Pasta workshops

At our pasta and gnocchi workshops you’ll get confident in creating and handling silky light pasta dough. In the matter of three hours you’ll learn how to make your own unforgettable pasta creations. We’ll teach you how to make Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Agnolotti, Tortellini and Potato Gnocchi.

Cheesemaking workshops

You can choose from Soft Cheeses or Ricotta and Ricotta Salata workshops.

The Soft Cheeses workshops is our most popular hands on workshop. You’ll spend the whole day with us and learn it all. It’s also an entry level and super fun. You’ll learn how to make Camembert, Fetta, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Quark and even a Greek-style yoghurt as a bonus.

At our Ricotta and Ricotta Salata workshop you’ll learn how to make cheeses in just one hour. In fact, Ricotta and Ricotta Salata cheeses are the easiest cheese to make! You don’t need any special equipment. The method and technique for these cheeses are as simple as the ingredients themselves. Voila.

Yogurt making workshops

Our Yoghurt and Fresh Cheeses workshop are fun one-hour workshops. You’ll learn how to make fresh homemade products using the most basic kits: a yoghurt maker, pieces of cheesecloth and plastic containers. You’ll leave us confident in making yoghurt, labne, quark and mascarpone at home.

Check out our schedule for upcoming workshops and see you soon.