Day 1 – Merry Cheesemas Tree

Spice up the traditional cheeseball recipe and turn it into something festive this season with a cheesemas tree! Using your fresh, homemade cheeses, this is sure to be a hit.



Cheese Mix

  • 100g quark
  • 150g labne
  • 100g finely grated cheddar (we used a chilli cheddar for an extra hit of flavour)
  • 1 clove of crushed garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • 1 red radish
  • Seeds from a pomegranate
  • Dill or fennel fronds for the fir tree branches


Combine all cheese mix ingredients then spread onto 8 sheets of paper towel, place another 8 sheets on top and refrigerate for 2 hours. The paper towel should have absorbed most of the moisture out of the cheese mix. If it is still soft, repeat the process. The mixture needs to be quite stiff to hold its Christmas tree shape.

While the mix is cold shape into a cone shape, then with a shape paring knife make groves and lift the cheese to form a flap do this at random intervals. Into the groves place a thin slice of radish red skin exposed. Place pomegranate seeds as christmas lights at random intervals then dill or fennel for the branches.

This will keep made up in the fridge for 24 hours without the fennel or dill wilting if it is nice and fresh.

Cheese pinecones are another great option and look great as an appetiser, use sliced almond to create the outside of the cheeseball shaped as a pinecone.

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