Day 3 – Merry Cheesemas Tomato and Aged Fetta salad

This salad sounds all too easy. Fresh, delicious and cuts through all of those rich Christmas foods. The aged fetta is a newer cheese in our kitchen and we just can’t get enough! Of course, you can substituted for fresh fetta, but you may like to give aged fetta a go, it really is something special.

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  • 500g of assorted tomato’s
  • 75g of aged fetta
  • 20 mil of good quality olive oil
  • 1 tbsp baby basil or oregano leaves


Cut tomato’s in half and toss in olive oil. Place in bowl sprinkle with aged fetta and herbs. To create an Aged Fetta, take your beautiful, fresh Persian Fetta that has already been marinated and leave it in the oil and it age in the fridge for a further 6 to 8 months. The cheese softens even more and the flavour becomes quite strong, almost like a good blue. If you’re a lover of stronger style cheese, this is for you! Stay tuned for more of our 12 days of Cheesemas!


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