Day 6 – Merry Cheesemas Marinated Fetta and Labne gift jars

Not only do these little jars look beautiful, they’re a gorgeous gift to give that also tastes delicious!


  • 500g of homemade Greek style Yoghurt


We make our own labne and fetta the recipes for these and 20 different cheeses can be found in our book, The Cheesemaking Workshop complete guide to home cheesemaking. (Available from our web site).

To make your labne balls, hang 500g of homemade Greek style yoghurt in the fridge for 48 hours, then spread the hung yoghurt onto approx 8 sheets of good quality paper towel and place another 8 sheets of paper towel on top, leave in the fridge for approx. 4 hours to dry the labne further.

Once enough moisture has been removed, place the labne into a bowl and season with salt and garlic. Using gloves, roll into balls and pop into a jar with sunflower oil. The labne balls can also be rolled in dukkah, before placing into the oil.

With the fetta, cut your homemade Persian Fetta into 1cm squares and place into a jar with sunflower oil and seasoning of your choice. We have used chilli and garlic to infuse our oil in the above picture. Some of our other favourites are lime zest and garlic, or some fresh herbs such as a sprig of rosemary or thyme.

Once made, decorate your jars and place in a hamper for your friends and family to enjoy!

Stay tuned for as we share with you more of our favourite christmas cheese inspired recipes on our 12 DAYS OF CHEESEMAS!


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