Coeur du Berry

A soft, ash covered goat cheese from the heart of France (Couer = heart).

Milk: Goat

Country: France

Region: Loire River

Rennet: Animal

Type: Bloomy rind

Size: 150g heart shaped wheel

Maturation: 6 weeks

Texture: Soft, Fudgy, smooth

Beverage pairing: There’s so much going on in this cheese we love it on it’s own! But if you’re wanting to spruce up your cheese platter, try it with some fresh red grapes and a floral honey.

Condiment pairing: Light fruity white wine, champagne, and pilsner beer.

Why we love it: Coeur du Berry is only produced in a small natural area located south of Loire River, in the heart of France, an area that enjoys a mild climate.

This cheese is made into a special shape, dedicated to a near-by village unique in France, St Valentin. A tradition that is celebrated around the world. Since the 1980s the village has promoted itself as ‘The Village of Love’, taking full advantage of its name.

On the palate, Coeur du Berry, is a rich and mellow goat’s cheese, with a tangy taste. Its bright, lemony flavours and sweet-grass-y milky notes and leaves a clean, gently tingling finish. The rind is slightly dusted with a thin layer of ash under the rind, creating a visually striking cheese.


*Only available through out Christmas and sometimes Easter. If you would like Coeur du Berry for a special occasion, please reach out and we will see if we can bring it in for you.