IL Forteto Cacio di Bosco (truffle pecorino)

IL Forteto (the fort), is a commune tucked away in the Muggelano Valley, 30 kilometres from Florence, Italy.

Cacio di Bosco is a pecorino cheese made from pasteurised sheep’s milk that has small pieces of white truffle scattered throughout it’s pâté. The balance of flavours is pleasantly harmonious. The taste is a beautiful balance of the sweet, nutty, nearly caramelised pasteurised sheep’s milk against the strong aroma of truffle, delivers a slightly sour, truffle endowed earthy profile.

Its long ageing process (12 months minimum) delivers a firm texture, however resits being dry in the mouth.

An excellent table cheese, but being one of a very few truffle cheeses that captures the real flavour of truffle, it is also great to cook with, adding a real depth of flavour to any dish. Try it grated over pasta, risotto or even eggs! Enjoy with a bold red wine.

Please note, this cheese is made using animal rennet.