Featured Product – Azul de Valdeon


Milk: Cow, goat

Country: Spain

Region: Posada de Valdeon Leon

Producer: Queseria Picos de Europa

Rennet: Animal

Type: Blue – semi firm

Size: 2.5kg

Maturation: 2-4 months

Texture: Gritty, creamy and buttery

Beverage pairings: Sweet wines, Muscat, sherry or port

Condiment pairings: Cured & smoked meats, hazelnuts

Why we love it:

Valdeon is a blue with punch and is often referred to the Spanish equivalent of Roquefort. Although not for the milder palates, Valdeon is a bold, very full-flavored cheese that will give any cheese platter an element of interest.

Developed in 1986 by the innovative Alonso brothers, Thomas and Javier. Valdeon is made with a small amount (5%) of goat’s milk which is added to the cow’s milk to create this intense, salty and wonderfully sharp blue. The cheese is maturated in high humidity mountain caves for 3-4 months. When almost mature the cheese is encased in sycamore leaves to hold the body together and retain moisture. The texture is creamy, yet crumbly. We love it served with a drizzle of local honey.

The cheese has won countless national and international awards, highlighting 2 bronzes in the world cheese awards for best blue 2005/2007.

Azul De Valdeon