Brie á la Truffe

The Rolls Royce of French truffle brie cheeses and the ultimate indulgence. Made in Paris and shipped by air, this cheese is one of the best in the deli.

A wheel Brie de Nangis has been cut in half and filled with generous amounts of mascarpone that has been mixed with fresh truffles from Maison de la Truffe.

Ripened to absolute perfection, the brie is creamy, indulgent and satisfying. Rich and decadent, the truffles bring out the earthy, mushroomy flavours present in the brie. While the brie rounds the flavour of the truffle. The cheese when ripe will almost fall apart in your fingers when trying to plate.

Delicious on its own or in pasta (check out our recipe here) this gooey truffle brie will have you coming back for more.

Available in the deli seasonally.

Brie á la Truffe