Cave Aged Emmental

Made byMaster Cheesemaker, Bernhard Meier and his wife Marlies. Each wheel is made in a small village dairy nestled in the gentle hills of Emmental. The only way to get to the family farm is by narrow, country roads. When it really snows in winter the road is closed. He is the only cheesemaker to produce Slow Food Emmentaler AOP.

The milk for each 90kg wheel is supplied by 12 local farmers using Bernhard’s own unique cultures created in the dairy taken from the whey from each previous batch. This ensures the original character of the Emmental region. Its unique flora and fauna is retained in the cheese giving it its most authentic flavour profile.

This Emmental has a sweet and smooth with a light nuttiness, hint of butter and lingering finish with notes of green grass and herbs. When more matured, the flavour is strong with a spiciness on the end of the palate.

Milk: Raw cow


Region:Emme Valley, Bern Canton


Type:  Swiss, hard

Size:90kg wheel

Maturation:12 months

Texture: Firm, dense

Beverage pairings: Crisp white wines.

Condiment pairings: The other cheese needed to make a great fondue! Also great in sandwiches or on a cheese platter with a fruit chutney.


Cave Aged Emmentaler