Once Featured product – CAVE MATURED MAHON


Milk: Raw cow

Country: Spain

Region: Menorca Island

Producer: Alcaidus

Rennet: Animal

Type: Semi-hard, artisan

Size: 2.5-3kg wheel

Maturation: Minimum 11 months

Texture: Hard, dense with small eyes and crunchy bits

Beverage pairings: Full bodied reds like the Spanish Rioja, dry whites, crisp ales and cider

Condiment pairings: Traditionally served with a sprinkling of black pepper, tarragon and olive oil. We also love it with pickles and chutney.

Why we love it:

The 2ndmost eaten cheese in Spain. Each wheel of this hand pressed cheese is unique with its distinct cushion shape and individual creases in the rind. This is a result of the cheese being wrapped in cloth and tied by all four corners. It is hung and then hand pressed to remove excess whey. When the cheese is ready for maturation the cloth is removed revealing the signature creases that occur during the pressing stage. Once pressed, the rind is rubbed with butter and or olive oil and paprika. It is matured on timber racks in underground caves for a minimum of 11 months. With this much to say about the outside of the cheese, one could only expect the flavour to be exceptional!! Slightly sweet with an extraordinary flavour that just keeps coming.

Cheese making on the Island of Menora is recorded in Arabic records dating back to the year 1000. In 1998 this particular aged version of Mahon was awarded international DOP.