Chèvre d’Aquitaine

This lovely semi hard, tomme style, goat cheese is made in the heart of the Basque Country. Chèvre d’Aquitaine is made in small batches during the northern hemisphere’s spring through to autumn, from February to November. During this time the goats have the opportunity to graze on the lush mountain pastures, producing the unique milk for this cheese.

Once made, this cheese leaves the cheese maker and goes for a time to the affinage caves of Hervé Mons Fromager-Affineur in Auvergne. It is matured for up to six months, during which time it is regularly turned and brushed in order to develop a protective natural rind. The white interior exhibits a smooth and supple texture and has a mild, pleasant aroma. With further maturation, the interior develops sweet caramel tones with a hint of herbs, rich grassy notes and florals aromas. The sweet and lactic flavour is balance perfectly with the smooth and creamy texture.

Chèvre d'Aquitaine