Délice des Cremiers

Délice des Cremiers loosely translates to ‘delight of the cheese maker’ hailing from Burgundy, France. One bite and we know why – it is a complete delight!

Délice des Cremiers is covered in a fluffy white mould that will soften the outside of the cheese when allowed to ripen. Under the thin white rind the interior is super-decadent – rich and creamy with a cakey, whipped texture that will just melt in your mouth.

This  rich, indulgent triple cream cow’s milk cheese has crème fraîche is added to the milk durning the cheesemaking process resulting in a soft, sweet and buttery flavour with a hint of salt and slight tang on the finish.

Serve Délice des Cremiers with a glass of bubbles at your next get together!

Please note; this cheese is made using animal rennet.

Délice des Cremiers