Paysan Breton L’Original Brie

Country: France

Region: Brittany

L’Original Brie is made with a focus on tradition and terroir. With an aim to resemble a traditional raw milk brie. The most important difference between this and other bries readily available within Australia, is this cheese is a lactic Brie is made without the use of stabilisers and stored in a wooden poplar box. The box encourages the cheese to mature into the soft, fudge texture we all enjoy. Not only will it look similar Brie de Meaux when it ages, the flavour profile will resemble it’s raw milk counterparts.

The flavour is earthy and mushroomy with brassica notes (think cauliflower in cheese sauce). The texture is rich and creamy.

Delicious on a cheese platter, or melted over toast for a flavourful breakfast. Regularly available in our Coffs Coast cheese deli, open 7 days.

L'Original Brie

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