Moro di Vino

Country: Italy

Region: Treviso, Veneto

Milk: Pasteurised cow

Rennet: Animal

Why we love it:

A unique ubriaco (drunk) cheese from Northern Italy. Moro di Vino is matured in wine by being placed in red wine barrels, along with the wine for about 30 days. During this time the cheese is pierced to allow for seepages of wine to flow through the centre of the cheese. The cheese is then left to rest on wooden boards for another two months.

Not only visually stunning, this cheese has a lot of flavour. Rich, bold wine notes come through the cheese, that pair beautifully with a glass of red wine.

This, plus much more is regularly available in our Coffs Coast cheese deli, open 7 days.


Moro di Vino