Featured Product – Pyengana Cheddar

Pyengana Cheddar is from the Pyengana Valley is prestigious dairy farming land, located in Tasmania’s North-East. Pyengana Dairy has been producing traditional cloth-bound cheddar for over 130 years, making it one of Australia’s oldest specialist cheeses. This cloth bound cheddar cheese is regarded across Australia as one of the best cheddar cheese offerings.

The milk for Pyengana Cloth Bound Cheddar comes from a single heard that graze on the same farm as the cheese is made. The dairy is conveniently located 100m from the cheese factory.

The flavour is deep, full and buttery with a well-balanced bite and hints of fresh grass and honey. As the cheese matures, it is common for small veins of blue mould to start to creep in from the corners (if you see this – it’s completely normal and not going off). Each 16kg wheel is subject to seasonal variations and each wheel will be subtly different to the last – part of the charm of artisanal cheeses.

Beverage pairings: Cider, craft beers and red wine.

Condiment pairings:Pickles, relish, cured meats and fresh bread.

Please note: Pyengana Cheddar is made using animal rennet

Pyengana cheddar