Featured Product – Queso Iberico


Milk: Pasteurised mixed milk (cow, goat, sheep)


Region:Central Spain

Producer:Merco Queso Traditionales

Rennet: Animal

Type:Semi Hard

Size: 3kg

Maturation:3-6 Months

Texture: Creamy, Full bodied, slight granulation

Beverage pairings: Light to medium bodied reds, cider, lighter beers

Condiment pairings: Almonds, Quince paste, Fresh fruit

Why we love it:

Iberico is one of Spain’s most popular cheeses and a real crowd pleaser.  It can be enjoyed from as young as 1-month maturation and up to 6 months. This wheel is the cured, 3-6 months maturation. The colour of the rind varies, this identifying the age of the cheese. The flavour is mild yet aromatic. The marriage of milks brings together the best of each of them: Cow mellow and creamy, Ewe sweet and nutty, and Goat grassy and herbaceous. On the palate this cheese delivers an initial creaminess gradually releasing a rich, full bodied nuttiness and then a lasting fruity tang at the end.

Regulations require that not less than 25% and not more than 40% of any one milk is used and that the flavour has elements of all three milks.