The king of French cheeses.

This bold and wonderful blue has a long history with first offical record being mentioned towards the end of the middle ages in 1070 and lots of mumblings even before then.

The story of Roquefort began by chance, when a French sheppard left his bread and ewes milk curd in the Roquefort caves in chase of love. On his return days later, he discovered his bread and cheese to be covered in a blue/grey mould. Being a hungry young man, he tried his lunch to discover it to be delicious! The caves are naturally ventilated and grow the blue mould we know as Penicillium roqueforti.

Roquefort now has 7 different producers – they vary in company size and production volume. Some use the traditional bread method of inoculating the milk, others use a freeze-dried culture like we do.

Gabriel Coulet is a small, family run business that make up only 9% of total production. They began cheesemaking back in the 19thcentury when they began digging a wine cellar under their house to find a ventilated cave under their house, perfect for maturing Roquefort cheese.

This wheel of Roquefort by Gabriel Coulet is Le Castelviel. Rich, strong, creamy, tangy, slightly salty and a good amount of bite.

Milk: Raw ewe (Lacaune breed only)

Country: France

Region: Roquefort-sur-Soulzon

Producer: Gabriel Coulet

Rennet: Animal

Type: Blue vein

Size: 2.5-3kg wheel

Maturation: 3 – 5 months in the natural Comalou caves

Texture: Soft, spreadable with small pockets of granular, gritty particles