Featured Product – Saint Billie

Saint Billie is a goat cheese made in the style of many of the famous surface ripened lactic goat cheeses of southern France. It has a dense, fudgy texture with a white wrinkly rind and a creamy, lactic, lemony flavour.

Serve drizzled with honey and ground coffee beans. Or on bread with dark leafy greens for a great lunch on the go!

Nimbin Valley Dairy is owned and operated by Paul and Kerry, who started out as traditional dairy farmers – selling their milk to Norco. In time and during a time of drought, they decided to start selling their milk direct at local farmers markets. It was then they realised the demand for local artisan cheeses in the north rivers. With a focus on farming, they wanted to continue to own their own animals. The aim was to make traditional cheeses in a way that respected the land and the environment.

They take their freshest morning milk directly from the dairy into the cheese vat to start their day of cheesemaking. No transportation needed! As with all great cheeses, good milk is the starting point and the dairy uses only fresh milk from the farm’s pasture-fed dairy animals. Each cheese is made completely by hand, this allows for adjustments as the slightest differences in the milk call for modifying the process every time.

We also stock White Cow, Blue Cow and other cheeses from the Nimbin Valley Dairy. Stop by the deli to see what’s in stock!

Saint Billie