Shadows of Blue

A rich, double cream blue vein cheese that is as soft and spreadable as butter! Made in Gippsland, Victoria by Tarago River Cheese Cheese Co. A true brie lovers blue, ideal for new blue cheese tasters, yet also appealing to blue cheese lovers.

Shadows of Blue is coated in natural bees wax and matured for 2-3 months, the addition of the cheese wax helps to retain a high moisture content which creates it’s soft and creamy texture. The blue mould used is a similar, more delicate strain to P.Roqueforti, imported from Italy and produces mellow buttery flavours.

Tarago River Cheese Cheese Co. is a family owned and operated company, a joint venture between the Jensen and Johnson families. For Tarago River they source most of their milk from their own heard of 400 Friesian cows and supplement their milk with rich Jersey milk from adjoining farms.

Please note: This cheese is made using animal rennet