Taleggio is distinguished by its deep orange rind and its bulging straw-coloured interior that matures quickly into a soft, creamy, incredibly flavourful paste. A pungent aroma comes from the sticky, washed rind that imparts savoury notes of smoked meats and mushrooms to the overall flavour of the cheese. You will also notice a gental, but insistent herbaceous fragrance of fermenting hay, grass and alpine flowers.  The smell is strong than the flavour!

This Taleggio is matured in natural caves in the Valsassina region – the original birth-place of this cheese (the Taleggio Valley lies within the Valsassina region).

Typically served at the end of a meal with apples, pears, figs dried muscatels or cured meats. It can also be used in recipes and is great to cook with, try it in polenta and risotto, on pizza with mushrooms and thyme or in a creamy sauce for gnocchi and other pasta dishes.

Rennet: Animal