Featured Product – Tetilla


Milk: Pasteurised Friesians, Alpine Browns and Rubia Gallega cows

Country: Spain

Region: Galicia

Producer: Queixería Don Crisanto

Rennet: Animal

Type: Soft, fresh, artisan

Size: 800g pear shaped cone

Maturation:10-30 days

Texture: Soft, thick, smooth, dense, creamy

Beverage pairings: Young, fresh white wines and reds

Condiment pairings: Honey, quince paste, apples

Why we love it:

Bitter, buttery, lush, milky, tangy and much more complex than you would expect.

This cheese has a unique pear shape, created by hand. The word Tetilla means “nipple” or “small breast” in Spanish. The story goes that back in the 15thcentury when pilgrims walked the holy path in order to gain Grace by visiting the grave of the Apostle James located in the city of Santiago. Back then in the Cathedral of Saint James, you would have come across statues of four men representing the four Old Testament prophets, 3 looking very serious, and one smiling. The smiling one was looking directly at a bare chested, Queen Esther. During the 15thcentury an archbishop decided this wasn’t suitable for the pilgrims and had them chiseled off. In fury, local dairy farmers started creating the cheese in the shape of a breast in protest and the tradition continues today.