Milk: Pasteurised sheep

Rennet: Vegetarian

Type: Semi-hard

Size: 1.8kg

Maturation: 2 – 8 months

Texture: Dense, supple

Beverage pairings: Tempranillo, Malbec or Tasmanian Pinot Noir

Condiment pairings: Drizzle with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, and serve with crusty Italian bread

Why we love it:

Grandvewe Cheeses is situated on 80 acres of pristine farm land overlooking the D’Entrecasteaux Channel & Bruny Island, 40 minutes south of Hobart. A small family run business with a huge focus on true artisan cheese and sustainable farming practices.

This cheese is modelled on a famous sheep milk cheese from the island of Corsica – the Fleur De Maquis. But with a true Australian twist.

One of the sustainable farming practices in place, is the use of the whey being turned into a boutique range of spirits. One of those is gin.

Once distilled, the Gin leaves a range of botanicals. The native Australian botanicals are saved and rolled onto the outside of the cheese. The flavours then infuse into the cheese creating unique floral and sweet characters. You’ll notice notes of Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle, Wattle seed, and Tasmanian pepper leaf. A truly Australian flavour combination!

The rennet used is Spanish Cardoon Thistle which imparts an unusual moorish bitterness to the cheese. The cheese is rolled in the selection of herbs at its birth.

When young, the cheese is firm and moist with citrus flavours and a slightly sour tang. With age the rind becomes dotted with grey-blue mould. The texture becomes softer, absorbing the savoury and herbaceous flavours from the botanicals of the rind, striking a delicate balance with the warm, bright sheepy notes of the interior paste.

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The Gin Herbalist