Toma Della Rocca

A larger version of an in-deli favourite – La Tur and looking like a delicious cake, Toma della Rocca fills the palate with its light and soft texture and its fresh cream flavour. The flavour is gentle, yet full with a slight sweetness and subtle tang. While sampling this cheese, see if you can pick out the subtle differences that come through from each milk type, the tang and lemony notes from the goat, the milkyness and body from the cow and the slight sour notes and lingering finish from the sheep’s milk.

Caseificio dell’Alta Langa are big on following and maintaining tradition. They use local recipes and continue with keeping the tradition of mixing the milk types.

This stunning cheese is a wonderful addition to a cheese platter, but also doubles as a “cheese cake” for birthdays/wedding etc.


Milk: Pasteurised cow, goat and ewe


Region: Alta Langa, Piedmont

Producer: Caseificio dell’Alta Langa

Rennet: Animal

Type: Soft, bloomy rind

Size: 1kg wheel

Maturation: 8-10days

Texture: Dense, cakey, and intensely creamy with a runniness under the rind.

Beverage pairings: Prosecco

Condiment pairings: Honey


Toma Della Rocca