White Cow Brie

A lovely Australian brie, made from the milk of happy cows in the Nimbin Valley.

A surface ripened cow-milk cheese. When young, the cheese has a chalky texture with an acid taste. As the cheese matures, it turns into a soft creamy cheese with a buttery yellow centre with a lingering mushroomy aftertaste.

The milk is sourced from a herd of pasture fed, free range Friesian and Guernsey cows. During the summer the herd graze on a pasture of kikuyu and tropical legumes, and a winter pasture of temperate rye grass and clover from May to late spring. The herd has a supplemented diet of up to 4kg of grain each day. The milk is naturally free from antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones and GMOs.

Best served at room temperature to encourage the rich buttery flavour. Pair with crisp light wines and fruit to contrast the rich creamy texture and a side of fresh crusty white bread or crackers.

Vegetarian friendly.

White Cow Brie