Fourme d’Ambert (or simply – Ambert)

Fourme d’Ambert is¬†stunning blue hails from the Auvergne region of France. One of the oldest known French cheeses with a history that dates back as far as the roman occupation.

Specifically made with milk from cows that are kept between 600-1600m altitude and takes its name from the mould used to create it’s unique cylinder shape. It stands tall with a¬†protective exterior that yields to the touch and releases the soft, subtle scent of woodland undergrowth that come from it’s surrounds.

The texture is rich, soft, subtle and buttery with lots of blueish/grey mould throughout. The flavour is mild, creamy and slightly savoury with a fruity aroma. Often referred to as a “connoisseurs blue” as it pairs well with almost any cheese on a cheese board.

A mild, elegant, refine and matured blue that is certainly worth a try.

Fourme d'Ambert