With Valentine’s day approaching love is the talk of the town. As a true cheese lover, I have to admit, cheese might just be the way to my heart.

My husband and I eat cheese often and a lot. Being cheese lovers and Coffs Coast locals, we think that having The Cheesemaking Workshop at our arm’s reach is an absolute Godsent.

For the love of cheese

For the Love of Cheese: Cheese and Wine Pairing Box

Our latest exciting discovery is a Cheese and Wine pairing box. It’s an experience that is delicious beyond words. Plus you get to pick a backdrop according to your liking. Beach, park, backyard, couch? You name it! 

The cheeses inside are lovingly curated and paired with top-notch wines by Mel and Lyndall themselves. Their selections and pairing change often to keep things fresh. It’s always a surprise and it’s safe to say their surprises never disappoint. 

You receive top-notch cheeses and wines, condiments, and instructions all beautifully packed in two boxes- one for the wines and one for the cheeses. The goal is to enjoy, learn more about the pairings, and most importantly learn something completely new about your own taste.

Date Ideas for the Ones Who Love Cheese

I think that February is a fantastic time to celebrate our loved ones. It’s also a brilliant excuse to plan an extra quality time with your nearest and dearest. What not to love?

My husband and I often look for new date ideas. We love adventuring across the beautiful Coffs Coast to get off the beaten path and find new and serene spots.

For the love of cheese

We enjoy being oceanside, so we’ve taken the Cheese and Wine pairing box straight to the beach. We’ve also picked up a small table (that would be completely optional), wine glasses with a nice wooden cheese board (to jooje things up a bit), and a few cosy blankets.

For the love of cheese

What’s Inside

Inside the Cheese and wine pairing box, we’ve had five delightfully different cheeses and five paired wines. All clearly numbered, so no guessing game here, which I found really helpful. The wine pairings started with bubbles, followed by whites and finally reds. All while watching ocean waves rolling in. Perfection!

For the love of cheese

We’ve smelled, tasted with and without condiments and crackers (which are also abundantly included), and compared our experiences. I find it extremely curious how the taste of cheese changes when paired with wine. And how everyone would have their own preferences. Such a great way to unwind and get to know your taste buds a little better.

For the love of cheese

Tasting Tips

Haven’t tried Cheese and Wine pairing before or unsure what to look out for when tasting? Don’t fret, tasting tips and step by step guide is included in the box. 

All you need is some spare time, Cheese and Wine pairing box and your loved one to come along. Happy Valentine’s day to everyone who’s celebrating. Just add some cheese.

For the love of cheese

Guest blogger
Olly Lewis