Yoghurt is fermented milk, probably discovered accidentally by milk being kept in warm climates with no refrigeration. The naturally occurring bacteria in milk convert the milk to yoghurt which changes the flavour and texture. However in Australia as we use pasteurised milk not ‘raw’ milk we need to add a probiotic culture to the milk, we also add milk powder to create a thick and smooth texture.

Greek yoghurt should only contain three ingredients, milk, milk solids (milk powder) and probiotic cultures. Unfortunately many products now contain thickeners, gelatine, preservatives, natural colour and lots of other unnecessary ingredients. Making your own yoghurt means you know exactly what you are eating.

Good quality pot set Greek Yoghurts are expensive to purchase but very cheap to make! It will only cost you $1.40 to make 1L of Greek Yoghurt.

Our favourite ways to use your homemade yoghurt:

• Place a nice dollop alongside hot curries
•Make Tzatziki. Strain your yoghurt for a few hours, grate or finely chop cucumber, garlic and mint leaves. Combine together with yoghurt and season with salt and pepper. Beetroot tzatziki is also delicious
• Make a healthy mixed berry frozen yoghurt
• Greek Yoghurt makes a refreshing dressing for salads
• It’s a great marinade for tandoori chicken
• Dollop on a jacket potato for a healthier option to sour cream
• Mix in with guacamole for a smooth texture and extra flavour
• Some even say it’s great to use as a face mask!

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