Greek Yoghurt and Labne Kit

Ever wondered how to make yoghurt? Make your own probiotic, pot set Greek style yoghurt for as little as $1.50/kg with our Greek Yoghurt and Labne Kit. Once you’ve mastered the yoghurt, your ready to start creating your own fresh, delicious Labne at home too! All done in our easy to use, electric yoghurt maker this kit is perfect for the super busy that are still concerned with what goes into the food they consume.

So what is this word “probiotic” we keep hearing when we talk about yoghurts.¬†Probiotics are gut friendly bacteria that are naturally present in the digestive system. Essentially they are good for us and our digestive system, helping to keep us healthy. Our yoghurt culture is full probiotics! So you’re not missing out by making it at home, in fact your most likely getting even more as your yoghurt is made fresh with the need for preservatives, thickeners or additives. Just simple and recognisable ingredients.

Our Greek Yoghurt and Labne Cheese Making Kit includes everything you need, minus the milk, to create beautiful, creamy fresh yoghurt at home. It is far more economical than buying ready-made supermarket versions, plus you know exactly what went into it!



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