Greek Yoghurt, Labne, Quark and Mascarpone Cheese Making Kit

Our Greek Yoghurt, Labne, Quark and Mascarpone Cheese Making Kit lets you create creamy goodness that not only tastes sensational, it will make you feel great!

These fresh, easy to make cheeses require minimal time from you (less than 10 minutes!)to make your own delicious gourmet products at a fraction of the cost to purchase.

We all know the importance of knowing exactly what goes into the food we consume, but that doesn’t mean it needs to break the bank. Thankfully, home cheese making is cost effective as well as rewarding!

This is a great kit for those wanting to start on some easy cultured cheeses. With the recipes we include you are sure to gain confidence in making your own fresh yoghurt and soft cheese. This home cheese making kit is perfect for the first time cheesemaker, those on a budget or have a busy lifestyle.

What are each of these cheeses?

Greek yoghurt 

We all know this one. You will be amazed at how quick it is to make your own beautiful thick creamy yoghurt at home.  Once you’ve mastered  yoghurt you’re ready to start making your own labne, a fresh yoghurt cheese.


Just like cream cheese, only better! Quark has as a delicious fresh flavour and is beautiful to cook with – we use in all of our cheesecakes or for making those fruit cheeses everyone loves.


This traditional Italian triple-cream cheese, mascarpone is best known for its place in tiramisu. (or, you can try our sub-tropical variation, Mangomisu!) Rich and smooth, mascarpone is beautiful to cook with. It is used in various dishes in Italy. We love it in pasta!